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Alton Open Minds were delighted that Sarah Moore from Unseen UK was able to join us for our final event of the current series exploring modern day slavery in the UK. We have attached a recording of Sarah's presentation in the section below under the section titled 'past speakers'.

We are now in the process of reviewing our next steps. If you have any ideas for how you would like the Alton Open Minds initiative to develop and/or ideas for further events please do contact us at the contact email address at the bottom of this page.

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Hidden in plain sight - modern day slavery in the UK
Oct 24, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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Alton Open Minds

We are a new initiative in the Alton area that aims to create a welcoming and informal space for people to connect with others around a range of social and political themes, issues or challenges of our age.  In current times when strong, often polarized positions appear to emerge all too quickly the Open Minds initiative hopes to enable a move away from fixed, static viewpoints towards more open and enquiring conversations where a range of perspectives are allowed to flourish and develop.

The Open Minds initiative aims to run every month.  Each evening or ‘conversation’ will begin with an invited guest introducing a specific theme for discussion before a space is created for the audience to engage in ‘conversation’ around the theme.  The participation of audience members will be voluntary.  Themes are likely to include the climate emergency, migration, modern day slavery, gender identity and homelessness. The series has been designed to encourage people to come to as many 'conversations' as they can rather than to 'pick and choose' specific themes. 

Alton Open Minds is supported by Alton Quaker Meeting.  It is not intended to promote the Quaker faith.  It is hoped that the event will be of interest to all.

The views expressed by invited guests will not necessarily be representative of  Alton Open Minds.  


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Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a professional fundraiser and has raised over £3 million in voluntary income for environmental and social justice causes. 

Sarah offers freelance Fundraising and Strategy consultancy and is currently working with Unseen UK supporting the charity in its fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. Prior to this role she was Director of Fundraising,  Membership & Communications at Avon Wildlife Trust and has also worked for International NGO TREE AID, Triodos Bank and Friends of the Earth. 

Sarah will bring our attention to the shocking evidence that more people are trapped in slavery around the world today than at any other time in history. Modern slavery is everywhere, even right on our own doorsteps. In fact people are being forced to work in horrific situations, for little or no pay in every town and city in the UK. 

Lyndsay Burtonshaw

Lyndsay Burtonshaw is the Turning The Tide Programme Coordinator for Quakers in Britain. They are a participatory facilitator and activist, inspired by witness in action, Paolo Freire, and Beautiful Trouble. Working with the Training for Transformation principle of meeting people where they're at, Lyndsay specialises in workshops on public speaking, power and priviledge, white allyship for racial justice, non-violent direct action, and spiritual activism. Lyndsay is part of the Stansted 15, and likes to ride bikes, swim in the sea, and herbal medicine.

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Tatiana Garavito

Tatiana Garavito is an organiser and facilitator working on issues around migration, race and climate justice. She has many years’ experience leading the strategic work of social justice organisations and over three years’ experience in training development. She is one of the co-directors and facilitators of Organising for change, a training collective aiming to build transformative cultures, share organising tools, and help organisations manage the transition from traditional campaigning to organising approaches. She is a founding member of Wretched of the Earth, a grassroots collective for Indigenous, black, brown and diaspora groups and individuals demanding climate justice and acting in solidarity with our communities, both here in the UK and in the Global South.  Tatiana currently manages the Sanctuary Everywhere Programme at British Yearly Meeting, Quaker House, London which currently works with local Quaker groups on migrant and racial justice.

Tatiana will discuss how colonialism reconfigured the world economy through slavery and exploitation and imposed an extractivist control over nature. Ecocide and ethnocide mark the colonial story and how the impacts are visible today as the poorest - who have the lightest climate damage footprint -are suffering first and worst from climate impacts, scapegoating, racism, discrimination, sexism, classism.

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Saturday 24th October 2020 

Hidden in plain sight - modern day slavery in the UK

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Moving into Social Action 

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Hidden in plain sight - modern day slavery in the UK

Sarah Moore

24th October 2020

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Moving into Social Action 

Lyndsay Burtonshaw

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Modern Day Slavery in the UK - Sarah Moore

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